Harness the power of your workforce using the world’s leading Payroll solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Designed for ease of use, Xalari automates payroll processes and calculations with a logical workflow to ensure a fast on-boarding and maintenance process. All employee data remains within Microsoft Dynamics 365 allowing your business to leverage payroll data not just for HR but also for costing in other parts of the business such as projects, logistics, manufacturing and much more.


    • Extensive functionality allows for multiple entities, multiple geographies and unlimited configurations types. The powerful calculations engine drastically reduces processing time while handling even the most complex requirements.


    • Configuration is fast, simple and allows for whichever combination you require. Choose per country, company, pay cycle, location, pay class, groups or single employees. You can even make last-minute changes without re-running the entire payroll!


    • The Award Interpretation (AI) module effortlessly and accurately calculates employee pay amounts. With integration to HR Leave Management, all types of leave are taken into consideration and accumulators are automatically adjusted.


    • Meets all country-specific legislative & statutory requirements. Standard reporting meets IFRS requirements. Regular updates are done with zero down-time, ensuring a seamless transition from one tax period to the next. 

Key Features

All Sable37 Solutions are powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365; providing our customers a modern and familiar experience with built in insights, intelligence and workflow. They also use a common data model and consistent application platform to ensure consistency, interoperability and extensibility.

Multi-country, multi-company, multi-currency and multi-language all in the same instance

Rapid configuration & localisation

Cloud or on-premise (and Azure) ready

Native, seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics Finance, HR and Service modules

Date-effective across salary packaged, rules and payments

Zero downtime rule updates process

Ad-hoc report designer

Advanced rule compiler

Maintains all payroll history for employees

Unlimited allowances and benefits

Fully-automated back-pay processing

Unlimited deductions with the ability to show reducing balances

Unlimited pension, insurance & superannuation funds

Payroll commit & rollback functionality

Ability to record off-line or cash payments

Legislative reports for each country

Compliant & Government certified

User-defined reporting, including multi-country & subsidiary reporting

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