HomebuilderONE Ondemand Webcast Session 1: Gross Margin Waterfall

HomebuilderONE Webcast Session 1

Discover the leaks from lot to release

Global markets, financial pressures, big data, emerging technologies and the constantly evolving needs of customers are all impacting the day-to-day operations of homebuilders. While balancing all these pressures, how do you keep control over your gross margin while still enabling successful projects, delivered on time?

Join Sable37 and HMS Cornerstone Solutions in this webinar to learn about the leaks in your gross margin and what steps you can take to plug them in your homebuilding projects in 2018.


Stuart Siegel
Cornerstone Solutions

Stuart Siegel is a graduate from the E & Y Kenneth Leventhal school of hard knocks. He began his career as a real estate technology consultant in 1986. While at the firm, he specialized in homebuilding and property management systems. During his tenure, he has assisted clients in the design and deployment of technology based solutions, as well as business process and strategy development across most segments of the real estate industry. He has managed numerous consulting projects, including business process transformation, system assessment/selection, and workflow analysis and solution implementation. In 1998, he left the CPA world and accepted the position of Chief Information Officer at one of his homebuilding clients. He worked in private industry until 2002, and returned to the world of consulting as a co-founder of HMS Cornerstone Solutions.

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