tna solutions

Global food processing and packaging equipment manufacturer, tna solutions has chosen Microsoft Dynamics 365, to underpin a major digital transformation initiative across the business.


With 600 staff across 30 global locations, tna solutions is a global leader in the delivery of start-to-finish food processing and packaging solutions. To remain competitive, the company needs to stay agile and keep a pulse on rapidly changing customer needs. With this view, the business is replacing their legacy ERP system with Microsoft Dynamics 365. The integrated cloud-based solution ensures that tna solutions global workforce have a single platform with secure, anytime access to information that enables collaboration, and real-time decision making.


Pravin Singh, tna solutions CIO is leading the business through this digital transformation project. To deliver the business growth plans, it was essential to replace the legacy ERP system.  He says, Weve never seen business at todays pace. The challenge for us is how do we become more agile and more engaged with our customers to accommodate this new paradigm.


Our ambitious growth plans were critical to choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365 as our platform for the future. It is the end-to-end, secure, cloud-based platform the business needs to further drive growth in the business.


tna solutions has chosen Sable37, a specialist Microsoft Dynamics 365 as its strategic business partner to deliver this digital transformation project. Leveraging Sable37s extensive experience in the food industry, together with their knowledge and experience with the Microsoft ecosystem gave the business the confidence that they were the right partner for this transformation project.


Overhauling our ERP system is a significant project for the business. It was equally critical to have the right platform and the right partner. We were not looking for a vendor to come in and replace a system but a company willing to partner with us on the journey to growing our business. Sable37 demonstrated their extensive experience with the platform and delivering value to businesses in our industry, and this assured us they were the right partner for us, he adds.


tna solutions vision for Dynamics 365 is to use the platform as the foundation for collaboration and business decision making, all within a secure cloud environment hallmarks of any modern, connected workplace. The business focus in phase one is to provide the business with a single, secure stable environment that enables the business to manage the end-to-end manufacturing process and offers accuracy and transparency, helping executives make decisions.


We are excited about providing the business with critical information around cash flow, business processes, targets, all from a single system. Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers all of this functionality out of the box and thats going to be such a significant change for the business, Singh adds.


The reporting capabilities of Power BI and the visibility that offers to our teams is unparalleled and it will propel our growth plans. For a global business like ours, a cloud-based software that transcends borders enables our staff to access one single source of truth, so they are no longer working in silos or reliant on manual processes.


Our long-term vision is to arm our field service teams with devices that have all the information they need at their fingertips so they can engage more closely with customers and deliver greater value, all in the field, Singh says.


In the future, tna solutions will also integrate its existing Customer Engagement solution (CRM) with its new ERP system, enabling its sales team to coordinate with the rest of the business, capture leads and make proactive offers to customers. Using Microsoft Dynamics 365, we will be able to assess situations faster, share information, and make rapid decisions to stay ahead of a dynamic environment, he explains.


Singh believes that when embarking on digital transformation projects of this nature, it is critical to identify the pain points and strategy of the business. Technology is more and more pervasive in todays environment. Businesses can no longer afford to just change over a system without clearly identifying the benefits that will offer the business in the long term.


We identified that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is our platform for the future. As we implement the system through the business, the data provides richer, more meaningful information to the business, our opportunities to collaborate, and optimise become stronger. Microsofts strategy for the platform combined with Sable37s experience gives us the confidence that we are driving the business forward, Singh concludes.