Established in 1895 Rogerseller has grown to become a premium retailer, manufacturer and importer of the finest bathware, kitchen cabinetry and living solutions.Rogerseller


Rogerseller operates showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, as well as numerous concept stores all over Australia. The Rogerseller’s sales team of over 30 staff nationally sell across four channels: Retail showrooms, Wholesale & Distribution, Commercial Projects & Online. Within each of these channels, they offer their products (bathrooms, kitchen and living systems) as supply only as well as increasingly supply and install. Within Melbourne, Rogerseller operates four virtual warehouses within one physical location. As well as Melbourne, they also run warehouses in Perth, Brisbane and Sydney. All products on display in their showrooms are recorded in separate virtual warehouses.


The Finance department manages all corporate accounting and financial functions of the organisation. Critical to the roles within this department is confidence in the integrity of the data from system-generated calculations and reports. Consisting of a team of five staff, the department operates out of Rogerseller’s head office in Melbourne.


With a passion and commitment to excellent customer service in mind it was decided that Microsoft Dynamics was the best ERP solution for the business and after sourcing a Microsoft Partner implementation was started in early 2015. With no current CRM system in place it was originally discussed to implement Dynamics AX and source a separate CRM software, but then voted to have the fully integrated package including Dynamics CRM. However, after six months of implementation with the Microsoft Partner, Rogerseller was no closer to a go live date.


It was then that Rogerseller was introduced to Sable37 and after a Microsoft Partner transfer a workshop was conducted and in one day they had the solution they wanted.

The Sable37 staff are very capable, confident and focused on the solution. They don’t muck around, they just get it done and get it working so I was very happy.


“We got everything we needed done and more in that days’ workshop. It was awesome, it was like a complete turnaround.” Says Jonathan Cleland, General Manager.


The highlights of implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM include:

  • The ability to manage their pipeline
  • Learn about their competitors
  • Record ratios of lost opportunities
  • The transparency of the team’s activities
  • The ability to rate their customers
  • Standardise their sales process
  • Monitor discounts on deals
  • Transparency of high volume deals by region
  • Assess team performance
  • Compatibility with other systems including office 365
  • Ease of integration


Though Rogerseller have only been live a few months Jonathan says it has become a key aspect of all areas of the business.


Another reason for the success of the project is Sable37’s complete understanding and commitment to the needs of their retail clients. Vince Schroen, Group ERP Manager for Rogerseller says “It’s the bringing together of both industry knowledge and AX knowledge, AX knowledge on its own just doesn’t cut it.” And with over 14 retail businesses across Australia and New Zealand Sable37 has a grass roots understanding of the industry’s concerns and demands of an ERP and CRM solution.


The team at Rogerseller have found using the Dynamics AX and CRM has been intuitive and have also customised the solution to suit their business processes. “Sable37 even developed a second off shoot of the CRM for our kitchen team and it covers all of the complicated aspects of a kitchen project, so it’s almost a project management tool as well as an opportunity management tool. Says Jonathan. “They did an awesome job.” The Sable37 team were found to be very capable and competent and focused on the solutions. After a long difficult start to the project, it was a relief for Rogerseller to have the implementation completed.


The continued development and support by Sable37 has only strengthened the relationship with Rogerseller including phase by phase updates and additions being rolled out in the next financial year.

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