Sable37 are proud to service world-leading outdoor retailer – Kathmandu.


In late 2013, Sable37 commenced a project to upgrade this iconic brand to the market leading retail solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX. The project covered a complete replacement of their core business systems including point-of-sale, ERP, and Warehouse Management. The solution was rolled out to Kathmandu’s head office, distribution centres, and 150 retail outlets across two go lives in 2014, laying in place a single system application. Kathmandu transitioning from a best-of-breed solution driven by over 100 interfaces to a core platform with less than 10 interfaces.


Why Sable37?

Kathmandu needed to move from a best-of-breed strategy where it was very difficult to get timely, accurate information, to a structure where everything was in one system. Sable37 were selected because of their ability to bring to the project IP – experience and software formed from previous retail implementations. The IP helped lower the risk of the project and accelerate the go live.