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Customer Q&A: Suresh Kumar, IT & ERP Manager, Byrne Equipment Rental

Byrne is one of the largest equipment rental and lease companies operating in the GCC, and has been a driving force in the development of the region’s equipment rental market, with what is regarded as one of the most diverse fleets of plant and equipment from a single supplier.

Founded in Dubai, UAE in the early 1990s, Byrne has expanded dramatically over the years and today boasts a fleet of over 8000 items and employs over 700 people in the group with a geographical footprint that extends across 15 operational depots across UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain. We spoke with Byrne Group’s IT & ERP Manager, Suresh Kumar, about the organisation’s technology evolution and adopting Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Q. Tell us about the mission of Byrne Rental

Our vision is best described as enabling operational efficiency through equipment rental and lease solutions. Our goal is to provide our customers quality, affordable and timely equipment rental solutions to meet their temporary needs. We make no secret of our ambition to become the largest equipment rental and lease operators in the Middle East region.


Q. What challenges is Byrne Rental facing and how does technology help you?

The equipment rental business is a challenging one. Byrne’s sales teams work closely with prospects and customers in the field, not only renting equipment, but providing valuable advice on choosing the right equipment for the right application in a timeframe that meets customer expectations.

Pairing a customer with the right equipment requires a thorough knowledge of available options. In the past, one of the challenges we faced was that some of the product information was on the website and some was in hardcopy printed format in our offices. This made it difficult for a sales person to quickly and efficiently obtain the required information or to share various materials. We really needed a system to bring everything together. We needed an agile, flexible and dynamic IT infrastructure to respond quickly.


Q.  How does Microsoft Dynamics CRM address your pain points?

We use Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 On-premise, integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, running a rental ISV vertical product. All our sales activities are driven in CRM and once we have a firmed order, the information is sent across to the ERP for the operations teams to carry it forward.

Some of the key features which address our pain points are:

  • Mobile app based interface: This allows the sales team to use the device of their choice and have access to the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Ability to integrate with the existing ERP: this was critical as we needed the ability to sync information between the two systems without the need for a major rework. Since both products were from the Microsoft family, we could achieve this almost out of the box.


Q. How is the solution going to benefit your customers?

Customers today expect you to understand their needs. Having the power of insight every moment of the day is helping our sales people to sell more and maximise efficiency and productivity. It really brings across the message that we are a technology leader and innovator in the industry and is incredibly valuable to us.


Q. What are the anticipated benefits to your staff?

The key benefit will be adoption by the field sales team. Due to various constraints with the previous solution, the team were not able to record their transactions and activities in the system. This impacted our ability to review and analyse the sales process.

Our sales team can now use the mobile app that allows them to capture information in the field, in real time as they meet with customers. They can also access customers’ payment information which enables them to provide statements and complete collections without having to return to the office.


Q. What skills and qualities did you look for in your technology partner?

Trust and security, along with integrity of the team are important for a technology partner. The customer does not always have the right answer and the tech partner must be able to advise the customer where his/her understanding is off the mark and work together using industry best practices to get the most value from the implementation. We found these to be true with Sable37.


Q. With this innovative outlook, what’s in the future for Byrne Rental?

We are in an industry that is not often associated with being technologically mature. This is where Byrne can be a differentiator. We have successfully moved from an environment which had multiple disconnected systems, each for a specific requirement, to one which is now integrated and spans right across all departments of the organisation.

We are at an advanced stage of our plan to go paperless. We are also looking at enhancing the customer experience from the time they search for products, to signing a contract and all the way to being able to look up their transactions history with us.


Q. What advice would you give to others in your industry?

To others who are embarking on a similar journey, I would recommend creating a cross-functional team of champions. End users have insight into how they use the technology daily, and the features and functionality that would improve business processes and enable greater productivity.


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