Beaumont Tiles

In 1960, when RJ Beaumont was unable to find high quality tiles locally for a private project, he made it his mission to find the world’s best quality tile manufacturers and Beaumont Tiles was born. Since then, this family owned business has constantly innovated and adapted to meet the needs and expectations of their customers.


The company runs over 110 outlets selling tiles, stone and bathroom wares that are used in residential and commercial construction & renovation projects.  They work with both consumers and domestic/commercial builders.  “It is our mission to establish a presence in every state in Australia,” says Andrew Cromie, chief financial officer of Beaumont Tiles. “We think our expansion goals are very achievable. We have a 2020 vision that considers what the future looks like and what it would take to support that vision. We knew that choosing the right tools and keeping on top of emerging trends and opportunities in our industry would be crucial,” he adds.


Trends in technology, the rise of the do-it-yourself consumer and online shopping are reshaping the retail experience and Beaumont Tiles is challenged to adapt to changing customer demands while continuing to provide personalised service and a high-quality product. “Things are moving quickly in our space,” explains Cromie. “We were at a crossroads in terms of how our current technology could support shifting demands and future innovation.”


Its legacy retail management system was nearing end-of-life and the company set out to find a replacement. It envisioned an integrated end-to-end system that could manage the full spectrum of their retail and distribution operation, encompassing the supply chain, warehousing, finance and distribution operations for the company, while helping local stores to meet the demands of customers.


Beaumont Tiles evaluated several major ERP and retail management systems, finally selecting Microsoft Dynamics for Retail. The company saw Microsoft Dynamics as a platform that would provide the flexibility to adapt to consumer trends, and that could be tailored to meet the needs of its owned and franchised stores. “We wanted a flexible platform that would allow us to evolve over time, but most important, something that would allow us to adapt and change in response to the demands of the market,” says Cromie.


In the past, Beaumont Tiles’ employees have been required to manually input data and wait long periods of time to download reports and bank statements. The existing system lacked the flexibility to automate simple processes such as emailing invoices or integrating freight forwarding information into the system. This meant many hours of labour simply to sync up reports and complete simple tasks. Cromie explains, “As we customised the system more and more, the amount of time that we needed to process and analyse information increased. The system was no longer able to meet the changing demands of our business.”


Microsoft Dynamics for Retail will enable Beaumont Tiles to streamline the finance, budgeting and warehousing system. It will also enable the company to embrace emerging technologies that enhance the in-store experience for both customers and sales people.


“What drew us to Microsoft Dynamics for Retail was the availability of tailored modules for batch control, inventory management, and other retail and distribution functions that are crucial to delivering the seamless experience that customers expect, “Cromie explains. “We’ll be able to access information in real time and see how it relates to other information, all in one spot,” he adds.


Beaumont Tiles researched several partners with relevant experience in retail and distribution and decided to partner with Sable37 to bring their investment to life. “Ultimately, it came down to a sense of confidence that Sable had the experience and the team to understand our business,” says Cromie. “Not only did Sable37 understand what we wanted to achieve but they truly partnered with us to implement best practice solutions resulting in significant time and cost savings to business processes.”


“Sable37 have great retail experience and their embedded ICON series of modules including inbound transportation management for landed costing, credit & collections, product lifecycle management and finance utilities for bank reconciliation will help us improve the efficiency and reliability of the system and provide us with the data that we need to make more informed business decisions,” he added.


Cromie says Microsoft and Sable37 have helped Beaumont Tiles upgrade its IT systems and replace labour intensive, expensive manual processes with a more unified approach to doing business. He concludes, “We’re committed to being a great company to work for and do business with, and our partnership with Sable37 to implement Microsoft Dynamics helps make that possible.”

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