How IoT and mobile solutions are changing the home building industry

How IoT and mobile solutions are changing the home building industry

The home building industry is undergoing an intense evolution and accelerated growth. Transformational technology such as Internet of Things (IoT), cloud apps, big data are propelling growth and expansion, and helping those that embrace these technologies differentiate themselves from their competition.

The connected homes market is set to grow beyond US$150 billion[1], with strong growth projected in smart thermostats, internet protocol cameras and smart door locks. Many of our home building customers, such as KB Home are already developing smart homes with connected devices.

Data analytics will penetrate further into the home building industry and be used across a wide variety of functions including equipment management, supply chain, people and processes.

IoT enables operational systems that deliver more accurate and useful information for improving efficiency. This can be applied across various functions such as equipment monitoring and repair, inspections, conserving energy, GPS tracking and logging time electronically.

For instance, monitoring and repairing large equipment is a significant operating cost in the industry. With sensors, machinery can self-detect the need for repairs and send a notification to the team to set the process in motion.

Much of a site inspector’s role is dependent on their physical presence on site to examine, monitor and report on progress, manage schedules and approve work completed by sub-contractors. With drones, site inspectors can complete a large portion of their work using technology.

Wearables, like helmets and vests with RFID tags, can help improve safety at job sites and provide access to real time data to analyze work environments and make faster, smarter decisions.

Connected devices are the future of the home building industry, but implementing these solutions requires collaboration, coordination and connectivity for each piece of the system, and throughout the system. It needs a single, complete platform that captures data, analyses it and enables the business to improve efficiency and profitability.

[1] Homes and Buildings Industry report: integration of new technology drives double-digit growth

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