How technology can help you meet customers’ needs at point of sale

How technology can help you meet customers’ needs at point of sale

Technology is becoming increasingly important in the retail space – where an in-depth understanding of customers is essential. To remain competitive, you need to embrace data in order to understand your customers, and what they are looking for, in greater detail than ever before.

Companies who successfully implement a customer experience strategy achieve higher customer satisfaction rates, reduced customer churn and increased revenue. In fact, research by American Express found that 60% of customers are even willing to pay more for a better experience (Source: Super Office, 7 Ways to Create a Great Customer Experience Strategy, 2017)

Having an in-depth understanding of your customers’ needs is becoming especially relevant at the point of sale – where it can help get an indecisive customer “over the line” or to increase the value or size of their overall purchase.

Using technology to provide a richer customer experience at the point of sale could include, for instance:

Upselling (i.e. “you might also be interested in…”)
The value of a customer’s purchase can easily be enhanced by providing links to products that the user might also be interested in (based on their browsing and purchase history), while they are in the process of checking out of an online store. A customer who is buying a guitar online, for instance, might – at the last minute – be prompted to buy a case, strap and some guitar picks, if he or she can see images of these items while checking out.

Providing “value add” information
If a customer has added a product to their cart – or repeatedly looks at the product online – he or she could potentially benefit from receiving additional information about this product to help “close the sale”. This could include emailing the customer links to positive reviews or additional product detail (if they have provided their email address) or even serving them ads for the product when they are browsing elsewhere.

Sending timely follow-up post-sale
Once a customer has made a sale, they can often benefit from follow-up emails about their purchase, with relevant links to related products that they may also be interested in. This could potentially include providing special promotions and discounts on products that the customer would be interested in, so as to encourage a repeat sale.

Meaningful rewards and insights

If you have the customer’s data, it can also be beneficial to send them timely rewards and offers based on insights you have about them – such as where they live (e.g. notifying them of a sale in a store close to them) or their birthday. You can also potentially link a customer’s online and in-store experience through loyalty cards, through which customer service staff can see at-a-glance information about the customer’s past purchases, and provide relevant advice when a customer is shopping in store.

How Sable37 helped Michael Hill evolve its point of sale experience

A great example of how technology has been used to deliver an effective customer experience at the point of sale can be found in Sable37’s work with Michael Hill.

To build a system that meets the expectations of consumers for rapid service and instant information, Michael Hill invested in a new point of sale (POS) system, which is a feature of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations running on Microsoft Azure.

The new system gives Michael Hill the luxury of incorporating customisations around the edges of the core stack with Sable37’s end-to-end solution for retailers.

The robust yet flexible information systems platform has been rolled out to serve the needs of customers and Michael Hill staff at the same time. Simultaneously, it promises the scalability and agility the company needs to fulfil its growth and service ambitions.

Their “clientelling” solution provides a platform for company-wide digital transformation, delivering employees with deeper customer insights – but also with tools and back end systems that inject efficiency, allowing personalised, faster and more effective customer-staff interactions.

At the same time, the system delivers data insights to customers and staff to support their jewellery selection at both Michael Hill and Emma & Roe outlets. The solution also underpins e-marketing and e-commerce initiatives and supports online stores allowing Michael Hill to reach even remote customers not currently served by close physical retail outlets.

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