Beyond mobility: The superintendent of the future

Beyond mobility: The superintendent of the future

Can you do more by being less mobile? Common convention and current trends suggest not, but we think the homebuilding superintendent of the future will be less mobile but more productive.

The superintendent’s job today is defined by the geography they serve. They may be responsible for multiple home sites within their town or city’s radius. They go to the site, survey the work physically and report on it. If they’re lucky, they have a mobile solution that lets them complete reports on site through their device. More often, they need to go back into the office to report on progress, complete reports stored in disparate systems and rely on back office staff to provide the data they need to complete their tasks.

Even the best superintendents are shackled by technology to complete their work efficiently. Cloud solutions with mobile apps can help superintendents automate and improve the efficiency of administrative tasks, but what if superintendents didn’t have to leave their home or office at all?

The flying superintendent is a great example of what is possible with drone technology. Drones can monitor site progress, highlight potential delays, perform checks all from the comfort of the superintendent’s office. Site managers will no longer be restricted by the region that they cover, they can manage multiple sites across regions, assess progress and provide decision makers with the information they need, immediately.

Drones can also enable home builders to collect photo and video evidence, evaluate work completed by trades and sub-contractors and release payment quickly. Speedy payment goes a long way in building and maintaining relationships with the best trades, making home builders the partner of choice.

There will always be a role for superintendents to physically visit a job site and manage their work, but technology can enable them to automate and streamline several administrative tasks that are time consuming and inefficient.

Data collected by drones can also be used by management teams and other departments to improve their processes, evaluate decisions and relationships and deliver a better product and service to customers.

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