5 reasons why simplicity matters in customer service

Customer service simplicty

5 reasons why simplicity matters in customer service

To entice customers to choose your products and/or services, it’s more important than ever before to provide a simple, personal, user-friendly experience. Here are 5 reasons why simplicity matters in customer service:

1. You need to stand out in a cluttered marketplace
When choosing products or services, today’s customer has an astonishing amount of choice. In virtually every category, there are endless options, and they can be sourced from all over the world. For most customers, this level of choice can be both beneficial and overwhelming. If your offering appears complex or difficult in any way, your product or service will be very quickly discarded for another that’s far easier to secure.

In an increasingly global world, you need to provide a simple, enticing customer experience to ensure your products and services stand out. This means enabling customers to quickly and easily find the detail they need, and helping them do so from any device. It also means providing consistent branding so your products and services are easily recognised, and ensuring a logical and uncomplicated purchase path – regardless of whether your customer is purchasing online or in store.

2. Your customers have ever-evolving expectations
Thanks to the proliferation of digital technology, customers have higher expectations when it comes to the customer experience than ever before. They are accustomed to getting very rapid and immediate information via their devices and have a similar level of expectation when it comes to purchasing products and services. If your app doesn’t provide ready access to product details, a customer will quickly find another one that does. Or if your website doesn’t provide an easy and seamless online shopping experience, it’s doubtful that a customer will complete a transaction with you – let alone return next time.

To get customers over the line, your offering needs to be targeted and simple: informed by a robust customer experience solution that operates behind the scenes. To provide impressive simplicity, you need to understand exactly who a customer is, what they are looking for, and what will motivate them to buy in the first place.

Armed with the right technology solution, you can isolate important information and craft it in a way that appears simple and seamless for the customer. You can also make this information available across several devices, so your customer enjoys a consistent experience regardless of how and where they interact with you.

3. Personalisation is becoming the norm
According to research by Customers 2020, the customer of the future will be “more informed and in charge of the experience they receive. They will expect companies to know their individual needs and personalise the experience.”

The rapid evolution of technology has enabled businesses to deliver highly personalised customer experiences. To provide your customers with a simplified experience, your technology solution needs to provide curated access to detailed customer data. Only with the right data at your fingertips can you ensure that your customers are receiving what they need at any point in time.

Today, for instance, businesses have gone beyond using simple CRM solutions to manage and track customer interactions. Now, with solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365, businesses can track their customer relationships in far deeper ways than ever before. These insights can then be used to provide a superior customer experience. For instance, if a customer is visiting your website, you can use the detail you already know about this customer and their purchasing habits to ensure that you are only displaying information that’s specifically relevant to them. Similarly, you can send them follow-up communication that’s completely targeted to their needs.

4. Integration is now vitally important
Simplicity also matters a great deal when it comes to providing a connected user experience. Doing so means bringing together technology systems that may previously have operated in isolation – such as your CRM or ERP software.

For instance, while traditional CRM solutions give you the power to manage your pipeline and close sales, what happens after a customer makes a purchase? Do you have the information you need to deliver upon your sales promise? How do you ensure a repeat sale, or encourage your initial customer to refer you to family and friends?

Similarly, while traditional ERP software can help you manage your finances and resources, if it’s operating in isolation, you have limited capacity to match your resourcing to specific customer or employee needs. Simplification of the customer effort is critical when it comes to meeting customer demands.

According to Martin Wildsmith, Sable37’s Managing Director, the biggest issue facing organisations is the centralisation of customer data.

“Without centralised data, companies will struggle to reduce the complexity of the customer experience. Silos of information will be a barrier to offering a personalised experience. Jumping between disparate systems is the natural enemy of providing a truly real-time experience,”

5. Your customers are time poor
Perhaps most significantly, it’s important to remember just how time poor your customers are. Many will be searching for your products or services while multi-tasking, and the purchase decision is often made quickly – based on the level of information you provide and the quality of your user experience. Also, by connecting with your customers via targeted and straightforward communication after a sale is made, you them a reason to re-connect with you, at a time that’s convenient for them.

Today, your customers expect that you are easy to do business with, and that you understand them and what they are looking for. To stand out in a cluttered and competitive marketplace, a simple and easy to use solution can make the world of difference.

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