How Connected Field Service can help your business

How Connected Field Service can help your business

There was a time when businesses could overcome most obstacles on the power of their brands. Today, the landscape has shifted, and its customer service that opens the door to better customer outcomes, decreased operational costs and even potential new revenues for businesses, as well as the opportunity to differentiate from competitors.

In the past, once a product was sold, customers wouldn’t hear from companies except when it was time for an upgrade or replacement. Field service was reactive, with companies scheduling jobs as customer requests came in. Resources were allocated based on optimised routes and skills-based assignments to maintain that delicate balance between workload and availability of resources. Now, thanks to connected devices and solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service, organisations can transform customer service into positive engagements that build loyalty, encourage brand advocacy and improve their bottom line.

Here are 3 ways in which Connected Field Service can transform your business:

  1. Enhance operations: By connecting smart devices and assets to field service software, organisations can leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to enhance operations. This approach enables organisations to repair issues remotely and with minimal human intervention, sending field service engineers and technicians on site only when necessary. It also enables the business to make intelligent business decisions, based on data and prevent issues providing a superior customer experience. Take the scenario of a company that owns coffee machines in hotels, for example. The coffee machine is leaking and it is causing the engine to overheat. There is a risk it will stop working, resulting in a loss of revenue (evaluated D500/hour) for the hotel. With Dynamics 365 for Field Service, this incident triggers an event in Dynamics 365 for the coffee machine distributor to contact the customer and arrange a time to service the machine. The system will create a work order in Field Service which can be assigned to the field engineer in the region to service the machine.
  1. Competitive advantage: With a single platform solution like Dynamics 365 for Field Service, service can be integrated throughout the organisation. IoT enabled devices constantly send data to the system, enabling the sales team to identify opportunities and follow-up. For example, through IoT sensors, and using Power BI, the coffee machine distributor can determine the average time coffee machines run every day. They find that some run over 14 hours a day which is over the recommended capacity of 10 hours a day. This sends an alert to the Account Manager that there is an opportunity to sell a bigger/newer machine. With a single, integrated solution, field technicians have a 360-degree view of customer cases so they are well informed when they arrive on site. They can also make additional notes on site which may result in an action for customer service to follow up in a few months’ time. The goal is to provide comprehensive service to the customer and empower employees to gain visibility throughout the customer journey. Moreover, field service can help the field to upsell and provide opportunities to deepen the customer relationship, cement customer loyalty and generate additional revenues while on site. 
  1. Enhance management and delivery of service: With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service and its advanced field service capabilities, it’s easy to integrate scheduling and routing, inventory, invoicing, training and knowledge, customer information, and more. This can prove especially useful for government agencies, delivering citizen services. For instance, sensors in garbage bins can tell councils when to send a truck to collect garbage to prevent overflow. Taking it a step further, using actionable insights gained from data collected over time, the council can make long-term improvements to their infrastructure and solve community challenges.

With a strong focus on customer needs and strong planning, organisations can transition field service from a cost to profit. Using current technology, optimising scheduling and inventory, and delivering the best customer service possible is crucial for transforming your business.

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