Collaborating for customer experience

Collaborating for customer experience

When it comes to providing a seamless and efficient customer experience, your employees play a crucial role.

Here are 3 key reasons why being mindful of your employees’ needs is essential in delivering a superior customer experience:

1. You want your employees to choose you over the competition

To secure the best customer service professionals – the people who can deliver exemplary service to your customers – you need to ensure that you’re providing them with the most innovative and effective tools to make their job as easy as possible.

Today, employees are accustomed to working with innovative customer service software and smart, new tools. This is particularly the case with younger employees who have grown up using technology. If you’re not able to provide your people with suitable technology in their day-to-day role, they may turn to another business where their work is considerably easier.

The technology you offer your people will make a big difference in terms of your appeal as a potential employer – and will also determine your levels of staff loyalty. With the right technology on hand, your people can work more effectively and can get better outcomes.

Customer experience technology is therefore not just about customers: it’s also a crucial recruitment and retention tool.

2. Your people need to collaborate and communicate

To re-invigorate the customer experience, your people need tools to help them communicate, share customer information, and determine the best course of action with a particular customer – at any point in time.

To deliver an outstanding customer experience, your people need to have the information they need at their fingertips, and collaboration is essential.

Your collaboration strategy – and technology – can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be.

Dalia Raphael, CRM Director at Sable37, says establishing more collaborative ways of working is essential in delivering a superior customer experience. “To provide stand-out customer service, employees need to be able to work together. They also need to have a shared 360-degree view of their customers. By sharing information in real time, they can quickly see a customer’s data and interaction history, quickly issue invoices and resolve queries, and increase efficiency and productivity: all the things that keep customers happy,” says Raphael.

If employees don’t have access to collaborative data, they can very easily miss sales opportunities and therefore frustrate customers.

3. Your people want flexibility and to connect anywhere, at any time

To respond to customers’ needs quickly and effectively, your employees need to be able to access customer data from anywhere and from any device.

This is particularly the case for field service workers, where the benefits of an integrated and effective technology solution are paramount in enabling far better and more streamlined customer service. With access to a robust and mobile technology solution, they can enjoy more efficient scheduling, improved access to information about clients and jobs, simple and easy invoicing, and on-the-spot approvals and job completions.

“As well as providing your employees with technology to help them best service customers, you need to give your people the tools to streamline all parts of their job, whether it’s the ability to quickly enter their timesheets, check a project status; or rapidly compile reports. Most of all, it must be mobile,” says Raphael.

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