How a move to the cloud can transform the customer experience

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How a move to the cloud can transform the customer experience

We’re living in an increasingly mobile world. Customers are accustomed to receiving a very rapid and immediate experience via their devices, wherever they are. They can already buy products and services, from all over the world, from any device, and have a similar level of expectation when it comes to interacting with you. If they can’t receive the information they need on their device – they will very quickly turn away and go elsewhere.

Also, from an internal point of view, a cloud-based mobile solution enables greater collaboration, and gives your people the detailed and up-to-the-minute information they need to provide superior customer service. This is particularly relevant for geographically disparate or field-service based businesses, where employees rely on their devices to access information on their workload on a daily basis. Once the right technology is in place, remote workers can access job data, easily complete their timesheets, enter information about a particular job, and ensure they have all the information they need to provide seamless, professional customer service. For the end customer, an effective cloud-based solution can result in a far better customer experience.

Citta Design, a leading New-Zealand based homewares and fashion retailer, offers a fantastic example of how a move to the cloud can completely transform a retail business.

At Sable37, we have been working closely with Citta Design for several years to help them completely transition their business to the cloud using Microsoft Dynamics AX/ERP. The business’ new, cloud-based solution brings together their social marketing, campaigns, loyalty and rewards and enables a true omni-channel sales process. It includes options for direct shipment, in-store collections, direct purchases and more. It also enables more efficient planning, ordering, delivery and stock management to support the rapid changes in market trends and consumer sentiment.

At the heart of Citta Design’s system is a cloud-based point of sale application that can be run from a range of devices. This system allows Citta Design’s staff to operate on the floor with customers, and provide direct information about stock, their previous purchases and payment.

Importantly, new stores and pop up stores can be established in minutes, and reporting can be run anytime from anywhere.

In our work with Citta Design, Sable37 have also now delivered a world-first: a completely cloud-based, end-to-end Dynamics Azure solution. This exciting new solution includes a broad range of software solutions: AZURE, the new AX, AX Retail with the new MPOS client telling interface, CRM Online, Office 365, and Power BI.

Citta Design is the first Retail AX7 (Azure Cloud) client on this version in the Asia Pacific Region and one of the first of three retail clients in the world.

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