Attracting millennials to homebuilding

Attracting millennials to homebuilding

Millennials are the first truly digital generation. They’ve grown up with the latest technology at their fingertips and expect their work lives to mirror their personal experiences. Attracting this group of recent graduates and young professionals is difficult for most industries, and home building is no exception. Unlike their preceding generations, millennials rate a company’s technological sophistication and the ability to provide new experiences regularly much higher than job security.

What can the home building industry do to attract and retain a new generation of workers?

Opportunities for innovation

This generation of workers are stimulated by opportunities to be strategic, creative and innovative. They’re not afraid of innovation, they welcome it. Providing them with the opportunity to trial leading technology solutions that help them work faster, automate administrative tasks and provide insights is a great way to retain talent. Millennials are interested in creative experiences where they can contribute new ideas and solutions and deliver value to the business.

Tools of the trade

Embracing new technology creates new ways to attract young, skilled workers. They’re interested in ways to be creative and innovative on job sites, in the office or working from remote locations. This could include smart devices and mobile apps, that enable them to complete tasks on site rather than driving back to the office or relying on support staff to give them the information they need, augmented reality, or the use of drones to assist with monitoring and reporting. They’ve grown up with dashboards and apps, and information available at the click of a button, and they are less likely to work with outdated technology. Systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365 are user-friendly and similar to the ones that this generation of workers use in their day-to-day lives. They see the value in these solutions and can be up and running very quickly with minimal training.

Supportive organisational environment

Millennials want to feel like their work matters and their organisation appreciates and values them. Constant feedback, a clear path for success and benefits such as free meals and social opportunities that leading tech companies provide is a great way to show them you care and are invested in their success.

Although the skilled labor shortage is alarming for the home building industry, it’s creating opportunities for the early-career workforce and firms that know how to attract them. By focusing on this segment of the talent pool and providing them with what they expect, home builders can thrive in this competition for talent.

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