5 success factors for digital transformation

5 success factors for digital transformation

The exponential pace of disruptive technology and innovation are fundamentally changing the way we live and do business. Organisations are looking at digital transformation as the key to growth, innovation and as a competitive advantage. We asked leaders from various businesses what they believed were the critical factors for success while implementing large scale projects to digitally transform the business.

1. Understand your business. Really think about what outcomes you are trying to achieve. The reason this is important is because you must understand your mission and what you’re trying to do to accomplish it. Consider how an investment in technology enables you to deliver a better, richer experience to your customers.

2. Take the time during the design work. Bring together a cross functional team that truly represents the various parts of the business. Consult with end users and take the time to develop a solution that will enable your business to deliver amazing customer experiences not only in the short term, but in the long term as well.

3. Focus on the basics. Once you get those business models right, then you can build on that. Get yourself a single source of the truth. You can add IoT and other cool technologies on top of that.

4. Move from gut-driven decisions to data-driven decisions. You can’t function without data—data is the heart of digital businesses. Tap into insights from your data and taking advantage of these insights to help you differentiate and build your business for the future

5. Choose a partner that will be along for the journey. Having skilled partners that understand your business and the outcomes you are trying to achieve is critical. A good partner won’t just agree with you, they will help you do the work to achieve business outcomes and offer the benefit of their experience with the solution and industry to help you accomplish your goals.

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