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Icon365 by Sable37, is a range of Microsoft Dynamics 365 extensions sold and supported globally. Our solutions are expertly developed using the X++ toolset and are available to seamlessly enhance Microsoft Dynamics 365 to deliver a deeper and more functional solution for your customers.

Inbound Transportation Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Sable37’s Inbound Transport solution, allows organisations to effectively manage inbound shipments from purchase order to shipment. Shippers in industries from food and beverage to retail and distribution can improve their supply chain management by utilising transportation technology to actively manage their inbound process. Our solution expands on standard Dynamics 365, giving organisations the ability to ensure accurate costing, margin recognition and fast transition of inventory and billing, without the loss of true landed cost expenditure, and freight tracking options.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Leverage data from across the organisation to help make better decisions about product development, management, design, and production. Product Lifecycle Management eliminates manual processes, standalone email based communication and design specifications, bringing teams on to the same platform, using the same data and eliminating department silos.  Sable37’s solution delivers integrated document and process management and captures design information centrally, all within the supply chain solution. It provides a single version of the truth in a variety of manufacturing industries including food and beverage, fashion, personal care, discrete manufacturing and chemicals.

Enterprise Credit Management

The most complete, efficient and innovative credit management solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Enterprise Credit Management automates and streamlines the business processes involved in good credit control management. The solution is completely written and built for Dynamics 365 and is tightly integrated with the accounts receivable and sales orders modules. It pro-actively suggests credit control activities improving cashflow, reducing bad debts and new account risk scoring. It enables organisations to stop orders from being picked and confirmed before outstanding debts are cleared, ensuring organisations maximise profits.

Rebates and Deductions

 Rebate and deduction programmes are powerful tools to enhance sales and remain highly competitive. These programmes can however be complex, difficult and costly to manage.  Sable37’s Rebates and Deductions solution eliminates the complexity and administrative burden associated with these programmes, enabling organisations to focus on maximising the benefits of these schemes, whilst retaining flexible and efficient processes, and eliminating the need for manual calculations.


Sending a document for electronic signature has never been easier. By connecting DocuSign and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, Sable37 empowers users to send, sign and approve documents quickly via electronic signature approvals. Whether it’s sales quotations, purchase orders, sales or purchase agreements; say goodbye to printing, scanning, faxing, overnight shipping, or re-keying. DocuSign makes it easier for teams, customers and partners to do business, empowering them to sign documents from any browser, including mobile devices, within moments.


Designed as an extension to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 software, Retail+ integrates seamlessly to create higher efficiencies in a single system solution. It delivers key functionality for retailers including pricing and promotion extensions; pricing can be linked to loyalty membership allowing a full matrix of item, promotion and member status pricing rules, reports for store performance, store to store transfer inventory management and much more.


Harness the power of your workforce using Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics 365. It is the only payroll solution for Dynamics 365 with true global and complex payroll functionality. Designed for ease of use, Payroll automates payroll processes and calculations with a logical workflow to ensure a fast on-boarding and maintenance process. All employee data remains within Dynamics 365 allowing your business to leverage payroll data not just for HR but also for costing in other parts of the business such as projects, logistics, manufacturing and much more.


ICON365 Solutions are proudly available through a worldwide network of Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners


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